Committed to

Biosphere Tourism Hotel Don Cándido

Since 2015, Hotel Don Cándido has been certified as a Biosphere Responsible Tourism hotel.

BIOSPHERE© certification is awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI), an independent body that was born out of the World Conference on Sustainable Tourism (1995) under the patronage of UNESCO, the UNWTO, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the EU.

To fulfil its mission, the RTI, through the Biosphere brand, recognises the contribution of the tourism sector to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We encourage you to use public transport, respect heritage, customs and traditions, consume locally sourced products and adopt and open, civic attitude.

Civility in natural parks

Being a Biosphere Hotel means that Hotel Don Cándido works under the principles of:

• Sustainable management
• Gender equality
• Economic and social development
• Conservation and improvement of cultural heritage
• Environmental conservation
• Quality, hygiene and safety
• Visitor involvement

Sustainable management

At Hotel Don Cándido, we are committed to and involved with society and our planet. Examples of our commitment include:

• It is committed to social action with collaborations with NGOs and institutions such as Creu Roja, AVAN, Som Prematurs, Oncolliga,

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Fundación Manel Lao, Prodis, Fupar, Marató de Terrassa, Cursa de la Dona, Cursa Solidària per la Infanta, Cursa contra el Càncer de Páncreas, Ayuda Directa, and so on.

• Commitment to gender equality in the workforce.
• Increasing use of local food from small, sustainable and local producers.
• Increasing use of sustainable technology: LED, DHW solar panels, taps with flow reducers, double push-button cisterns, energy consumption optimisers, etc.
• Using suppliers with good environmental practices.
• Commitment to sustainable mobility: bicycles, electric scooters, electric vehicle charging points, hybrid company vehicles, etc.
• Recycling all types of materials through certified waste managers.
• Use of recycled paper in napkins, coffee capsules and single-use packaging, etc.